How we work

At SUMSUM, we follow a systematic approach to deliver exceptional results. Through our four-step process, we ensure a comprehensive and efficient workflow that maximizes value for our clients.

Defining the challenge

We always start with "why". We meticulously probe your business operations to pinpoint areas of potential enhancement, efficiency, or effectiveness. Our service designers and business analysts constantly explore with one thing in mind: innovating your processes.

At the end of this phase, you will have a clearly defined challenge to work on - starting with ideation.
User interviews
Business analysis

Generate ideas and concepts

Once the challenge is defined, our team dives into the creative ideation phase. We bring together diverse perspectives and expertise to brainstorm innovative solutions. By exploring a wide range of possibilities, we ensure that we consider every angle and uncover the most effective strategies tailored to your specific needs. Our approach encourages solutions that optimally blend the latest, yet most fitting technologies to your needs.
Technology exploration
Business Analysis

Building your solutions

As a technology-agnostic organization, we are not biased towards any specific solution, enabling us to build solutions through our development partners.

Moreover, we guide the build process every step along the way through hands-on interdisciplinary teamwork, as this is the core of our expertise. This way, we build durable and innovative solutions that are perfectly in sync with your business operations.
Project management
Product ownership
Business operations

Grow your product

Our commitment doesn't end with the completion of the project. We believe in nurturing long-term partnerships with our clients. As your business evolves, we provide ongoing support, maintenance, and updates to ensure your solution remains adaptable and optimized for growth. We do this through insightful tooling, for instance metrics, to pinpoint where we can continue to optimize and save costs.

Our goal is to foster your long-term success and be your trusted partner on the journey towards achieving your business objectives.
Project management
Discover our work
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