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Managing the development of a generative AI-driven study buddy for Acco

With their online learning platform, Acco bridges the gap between physical and digital education. Acco embraced the shift to GPT-integrated education, seeking to integrate the technology into their digital platform to enhance learning experiences for students.

Acco, a well-known retailer and publisher in the Belgian educational sector, collaborates closely with universities to provide study materials en publish courses. With their online learning platform, Sofia, Acco bridges the gap between physical and digital education.

After ChatGPT launched in November 2022, Acco decided to embrace the shift to GPT-integrated education, seeking to integrate the technology into their digital platform Sofia to enhance learning experiences for students.

01 Define

Start with why

Acco contacted AI-company Raccoons to explore the potential of artificial intelligence in education. Together with Raccoons, we did a deep dive into generative AI in our masterclass, in which Acco came up with several ideas to integrate the technology in their offering.
User interviews
02 Ideate

Generate ideas and concepts

We decided to create a proof of concept (POC), hosted on Microsoft Azure, that leverages GPT 4.0’s capabilities to enrich the educational content available on Sofia. The essence of this POC lays in its transformative approach to course material processing, characterized by several innovative attributes. The tool should be able to summarize any course Acco offers; should be an interactive front-end, allowing users to tailor the model's output to their learning style and needs; and to top it off, the POC should support multiple langugages, breaking down barriers in education.
Service design
Technology exploration
03 Build

Building the solution

Our design team was given the challenge to design a user interface in line with the Sofia brand guidelines, accommodating the diverse needs of students. Moreover, our project managers led the development and AI team of Raccoons, who built the POC from scratch.
Product ownership
Project management
04 Grow

Nurturing and growing

Among testers, this tool has already proven to an adaptable study aid, saving them time and making the traditional study process more engaging. Thanks to the success of the POC, Acco is now focusing on integrating this first version tool into Sofia on a larger scale. Overall, this successful example of generative AI in the field paves the way for a new era of innovative and accessible digital learning.
Project management
"This move is not just about keeping up with technological trends. It's about fundamentally changing how students learn, making education more adaptive, and preparing students for a future where AI is an integral part of many professions."
As a technology agnostic company, we always explore multiple ideas, technologies, and even solutions. We map your processes in a detailed manner so the solution is always tailored to your needs and remains future-proof. However, as we're just human beings, we have a tool stack we often use and have become proficient in using.
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