During our four-step innovation process, we facilitate workshops so you can get more insights in your business and gain that competitive edge.

Discover hidden opportunities

AI Workshop
Join us for a dynamic AI Workshop designed to propel your business into the future. Begin your journey with a morning keynote that maps out the AI landscape. Afterwards, we'll embark on a personalized exploration of AI's potential in your industry. Dive into scenario planning, practical AI implementation strategies, and interactive discussions to develop a roadmap for AI integration that aligns with your business goals. Get ready to chart a course toward AI-powered success.
Generative AI Workshop
Immerse yourself in a day of inspiration and innovation at our Generative AI Workshop. In the morning, we'll present a gen AI specific keynote session that unveils the wonders of generative AI. Then, engage in hands-on brainstorming, collaborative art creation, and explore real-world applications of generative AI which you'll discover could well benefit your business as well. Leave with both the knowledge and a creative spark that will help you figure out when generative AI makes a match with your projects goals.
Discovery Workshop
In our Discovery workshop, we want to uncover hidden potential within your own business processes and ideas. In the morning, we'll guide you through the essential process of mapping your current "current-state" situation to gain a clear understanding of your business's existing landscape. Then, in the afternoon, we'll delve deep into the heart of your challenges. Through interactive problem-solving sessions, ideation techniques, and expert facilitation, you'll identify the root causes of your business issues and set the course for effective solutions that drive growth and innovation.
User Research Workshop
In our User Research Workshop, we'll develop a step-by-step plan for your user research journey. During the morning session, we'll use a range of research techniques, getting you well-versed in the possibilities. In an interactive afternoon session, we'll turn our focus to identifying your specific challenges, honing in on what needs to be tested, and how to approach it effectively. Get ready for a hands-on, problem-solving experience that will equip you with a clear roadmap for impactful user research.
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Gain insight in your business

Tracking Plan Workshop
This workshop is a game-changer in ensuring the success of your product. In this dynamic one-day session, we'll collaborate closely with you to define the key factors that will drive the success of your digital product. Together, we'll craft a comprehensive plan to track these factors and measure their impact. By the end of the workshop, we'll have a crystal-clear understanding of what metrics to monitor and how to effectively track them. This data-driven approach will empower you to make informed decisions and continuously optimize our products for maximum impact. Let's dive into the world of data driven decisions and set the stage for your digital product's triumph!
Measurement Framework Workshop
After we have set up your tracking plan, let's define how we can implement these metrics into the different user engagement phases (Reach, Activation, Engagement, Retention) and how we define success through clear and cut numbers and data. Working with a well established framework, a measurement framework, diving a few levels deep into your product touch points, we come out of this workshop with a product dashboard that will deliver you the necessary insights going forward.
Design Sprint
A design sprint workshop is a powerful tool that can help businesses unlock their creative potential and drive meaningful change.
During a design sprint workshop, cross-functional teams come together to tackle complex challenges and find innovative solutions. By following a structured process, participants are guided through various exercises that encourage collaboration, ideation, and rapid prototyping.
By following a design sprint, businesses can save time and resources by quickly identifying which ideas are worth pursuing further. The process encourages collaboration and creativity, bringing together diverse perspectives to generate innovative solutions. This can lead to the discovery of new product ideas that may have otherwise been overlooked.
Conveniently supply empowered infrastructures whereas client-centered sources. Synergistically exploit high-quality quality vectors for excellent scenarios. Uniquely reinvent intermandated imperatives with unique partnerships. Proactively engage client-focused.
Conveniently supply empowered infrastructures whereas client-centered sources. Synergistically exploit high-quality quality vectors for excellent scenarios. Uniquely reinvent intermandated imperatives with unique partnerships. Proactively engage client-focused.
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Boost your productivity

ClickUp Workshop
Interested in a platform wherein you can manage every facet of your company: HR, planning, resources, projects, products,..? We believe that operation management is something that will be done digitally going forward. We want to figure out with you how Clickup can support that vision. Together we navigate you through the ClickUp platform and how this platform can help you become better in managing your processes digitally.
PM Workshop
Struggling with specific parts concerning Project Management? How to tackle daily struggles in managing projects? Or taking your first steps in Project Management? A balance between theory and practical application, enabling participants to develop the skills needed to successfully lead and manage projects of varying complexities is your meal of the day. We'll be cooking up some interesting exercises helping you to manage your future projects with confidence.
Automation Workshop
Nowadays software is speaking to each other like never before. API's are being build every day to help you automate repetitive workflows so you can focus on your core business. We will canvas your internal processes, from sales and recruitment to project management and operations and figure out what software can start doing the repetitive work for you. We'll harness the power of automation to transform your operations into lean, mean, productivity machines. Don't settle for inefficiency—let's map out your path to automation.
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