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Brainhouse - Building a web browser for ALS patients

Brainhouse Academy, the internship squad of Brainjar, Wheelhouse, and SUMSUM, developed a smart web browser with AI features and a minimalist layout to facilitate internet access for ALS patients.

This project was part of the Brainhouse Academy, an initiative to empower interns by allowing them to work on cases with social impact while receiving guidance from experts. The specific case chosen for this project was focused on creating a web browser to enhance internet accessibility for ALS patients.

01 Define

Start with why

The Brainhouse project aimed to address the difficulties ALS patients face while surfing the internet by creating a smart browser with AI features and a minimalist layout. As you may know, ALS is a progressive nervous system disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal chord, causing loss of muscle control. ALS Liga has all kinds of aids at their disposal, but we wanted to add another solution to their offering.
User interviews
02 Ideate

Generate ideas and concepts

The team brainstormed and explored innovative solutions to design a web browser that would respond to the specific needs of ALS patients, incorporating AI technologies to enhance their browsing experience. The input of actual ALS patients was collected through user interviews and brainstorming. Based on this information, we identified the necessary features for an MVP.
Service design
Technology exploration
03 Build

Building the solution

During the build phase, the Brainhouse team faced challenges in aligning the product with stakeholders and the small target group of ALS patients. Through workshops and discussions, the team shaped the product with the available input. Reaching the target audience was challenging, but efforts through social media resulted in gaining users for data collection and training the AI model. The project's scope expanded to benefit individuals with impaired hand functioning, leading to a valuable pivot.
Product ownership
Project management
04 Grow

Nurturing and growing

Project management
The Brainhouse project successfully delivered a web browser tailored to the needs of ALS patients and individuals with impaired hand functioning, providing improved accessibility and facilitating their internet browsing experience. And our interns? They had the opportunity to make a valuable impact.
As a technology agnostic company, we always explore multiple ideas, technologies, and even solutions. We map your processes in a detailed manner so the solution is always tailored to your needs and remains future-proof. However, as we're just human beings, we have a tool stack we often use and have become proficient in using.
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