How to develop an automated resume builder

Louis Lemaire

When you're going through a rebranding journey, you have to update a lot. Your logo, website, social media pages... Pretty much everything you have. Including resumes!

Of course, SUMSUM wouldn't be SUMSUM if we didn't take this opportunity to learn something new about automation. We wanted to know how the combination of no-code and automations could solve three pain points we have faced since growing our company:

  1. How can we keep our resumes up-to-date?
  2. How can we avoid the painful formatting that always seems to get in the way when you're editing your resume?
  3. How can we avoid that after a few editing sessions, resumes start to look different from each other?

Feels familiar? Let's see how we solved this.

Developing the resume builder

Since the design possibilities in Google Docs or Word are somewhat limited, we considered using a Figma plugin that links a Google Sheets document to a Figma project. This way, all resumes have the same layout and style, and, most importantly, updating our resumes became easy-peasy.

So, why Figma? Well, it's our favorite design tool and has a pretty extensive plugin market (which you should check out)! And since we are Google Workspace users, we searched for a Google Sheets plugin that enables us to sync data into Figma. We designed our template and worked out how to easily sync the tools - et voilà. One hand-delivered SUMSUM resume design later, we invited our team to their unique sheet.

Now, everyone can fill in their Google Sheets page with their data, and by pressing the sync button in Figma, their resume is generated automatically. No more pains, only gains!

Our new resumes

What's next?

Since we regularly have to update our resumes, this automation has made our lives much easier. Given that we now also have a kick-ass design, we're very proud to be able to generate updated resumes in seconds and present them with confidence wherever they're needed!

Since we now have an easy way to streamline autofill into different documents, we want to expand this automation to sales, project kick-off, and other documents. The future looks bright!

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