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ZorgLab Aalst: Innovating Healthcare Solutions

ZorgLab Aalst, a pioneering initiative in Aalst, focuses on healthcare innovation, particularly through its collaboration with entrepreneurs, citizens, and healthcare providers. This case study delves into two instances where ZorgLab Aalst provided professional advice to startup entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector, aiding in the development of innovative solutions for bruxism management and promoting the mind-body connection in healthcare.

ZorgLab Aalst, one of three living labs for healthcare innovation in Flanders, plays a pivotal role in advancing healthcare solutions in the region. Through its collaborative approach, it engages citizens, entrepreneurs, and healthcare providers to develop and test innovative ideas. This case study sheds light on two projects undertaken by ZorgLab Aalst in partnership with independent physiotherapists, focusing on addressing bruxism management and promoting the mind-body connection in healthcare

01 Define

Start with why

In the first case study, ZorgLab Aalst collaborated with an independent physiotherapist to address bruxism management, a common behavioral problem often linked to stress. The mission was clearly defined: to implement an improved approach to bruxism treatment, thereby alleviating pressure on healthcare practices. Through thorough analysis of the patient process and the development of a business model canvas, critical questions were answered, paving the way for a more efficient and targeted solution. In the second case study, ZorgLab Aalst partnered with another independent physiotherapist to develop an online platform promoting the mind-body connection in healthcare. The goal was to facilitate the match between help seekers and providers while reducing pressure on local healthcare professionals. By identifying the target audience and brainstorming ideas, a tangible platform concept emerged, emphasizing the importance of connecting physical and mental well-being.
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02 Ideate

Generate ideas and concepts

In both cases, ZorgLab Aalst fostered ideation by encouraging collaboration and creativity. Workshops and brainstorming sessions were conducted to explore innovative solutions tailored to the specific challenges at hand. For bruxism management, emphasis was placed on refining the patient journey and designing a comprehensive platform, while for promoting the mind-body connection, the focus was on creating an online platform that effectively connected users with relevant services and caregivers.
Service design
Technology exploration
03 Build

Building the solution

With a clear vision in place, ZorgLab Aalst assisted entrepreneurs in building practical solutions aligned with their innovative ideas. For bruxism management, steps were taken to develop a platform that offered a higher quality approach to treatment, while for promoting the mind-body connection, efforts were directed towards creating an online platform showcasing local service providers and caregivers. By considering factors such as target audience, outreach strategies, and market launch steps, tangible progress was made in bringing these solutions to fruition.
Product ownership
Project management
04 Grow

Nurturing and growing

As these initiatives progress, ZorgLab Aalst remains committed to supporting the growth and sustainability of innovative healthcare solutions in the region. By providing ongoing guidance, resources, and opportunities for collaboration, ZorgLab Aalst aims to ensure the continued success and impact of these projects. Through its dedication to advancing healthcare and wellness, ZorgLab Aalst contributes significantly to the evolution of healthcare delivery in Aalst and beyond.
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