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CrowdCollect, the crowdfunding platform for you and your co-workers

By the use of no-code tools, CrowdCollect was created as a platform for sharing crowdfunding initiatives with coworkers.

Imagine having a platform – which we will call CrowdCollect - where you can share crowdfunding projects with co-workers and support new initiatives that are being launched on various crowdfunding platforms. By the use of the no-code tool Bubble, we were able to create a robust platform without coding, simply by ‘dragging and dropping’ the various elements.

Can’t wait and want to start ‘crowd collecting’ too? Shoot us a message, and maybe you’ll get an invite to join our bèta!
01 Define

Start with why

During the defining phase, we established the purpose of CrowdCollect as an internal platform where SUMSUM members can discover and share crowdfunding projects from various platforms. The objectives included fostering better connections among team members, supporting new initiatives, and embracing the values of creativity and community.
User interviews
02 Ideate

Generate ideas and concepts

Through the ideation phase, we developed the concept of offering credits to SUMSUM members, which they can use to support and purchase rewards from crowdfunding creators. This approach rewards participation, improves team dynamics, and gives project initiators financial support. We also implemented a feedback mechanism to encourage reviews and enhance understanding of people and projects.
Service design
Technology exploration
03 Build

Building the solution

Using Bubble, a powerful no-code platform, we built CrowdCollect with a user-friendly interface and a drag-and-drop editor for seamless development without coding. The platform enables SUMSUM members to easily share and explore crowdfunding projects, utilize credits to support creators, and provide valuable feedback through the review system.
Product ownership
Project management
04 Grow

Nurturing and growing

As CrowdCollect prepares for its upcoming launch, our focus will shift towards monitoring user excitement and engagement. We plan to share insights from this initial phase to further enhance the platform's features and create an environment where creativity thrives. By fostering collaboration, inspiration, and mutual support, CrowdCollect aims to become a useful tool for SUMSUM members and crowdfunding creators.
Project management
As a technology agnostic company, we always explore multiple ideas, technologies, and even solutions. We map your processes in a detailed manner so the solution is always tailored to your needs and remains future-proof. However, as we're just human beings, we have a tool stack we often use and have become proficient in using.
Take a look at the tool stack we use

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